Check out the PicoGlow treatment for healthy glowing skin.

The picosecond technology is soft and gentle yet still very precisely and allows a less painful treatment method for a variety of arenas on face and body.

For all of you that seek a young, fresh, even skin texture is PicoSure a comfortable non-invasive laser treatment that will let your skin appear refreshed or will help you reduce the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles, or uneven texture.

The focus lens concentrates the powerful effect of the PicoSure laser and provides outstanding good results in the therapy of scares, wrinkle treatments, and removal of dark spots and other pigment discoloration. All in all, you will need fewer sessions and for example, have less risk of redness.

The healing process for patients is shorter, and the treatments are compared to many other invasive treatments, less painful.


Picosecond laser


Fields of application

Interfering pigments

Freckles, sun spots, age spots, pigmentation disorders.


short treatment period

for all skin types

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