Experience how easy it can be to get a tighter figure.

„Do“ up to 800 sit-ups in just one session

Not only your sportive effort but also your genetics influences your shape and body structure.

Do you also belong to the group of women that have to do endless squats for a round cute booty?
Do you lack time and enthusiasm to do 1000 sit-ups a day, for a flat tummy?

Sometimes it is not that easy to get your ideal beach body. But what if we told you where would be an easier way to a six-pack, toned tights, and a nice round booty? All that you had always wished for.

StimSure is a non-invasive muscle stimulation technology which helps to build muscles fast safe and effective. You will feel and notice how the 20 Minute long session will form and shape your body with up to 24.000 muscle contractions.

Discover how we use the new electromagnetic technology to create muscle stimulation that will build and tone your muscles in no time.

Schaubild Körper Muskeln Anspannung
  • Six-pack
  • Upper and lower leg muscles
  • Calf muscles
  • Butt




Fields of application

Muscle Tightening

Body-shaping, muscle strengthening.

Upper arms, stomach, butt, legs


Short treatment duration

Approximately 25min each area


Muscle contractions per 25 min.


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