Local fat reduction

Here you can find out everything about the WarmSculpting treatment.

With the help of the warm sculpting treatment, unwanted fat depots belong to the past.

Let us be honest! Who does not want to have a flat tummy, toned firmer tights, and still a nice curvy feminine waist? But yet is plastic surgery, not the best option? A daily gym routine did not bring you the desired results?

Then WarmSculpturing will make you incredibly happy!

No matter how your beauty image looks like. Regardless of if you are curvy or skinny.
The diodes laser helps you get rid off unwanted fat depots. With no surgery or downtime.

Double chin, belly, upper arms, love handles back or tights, all of these areas can be treated with this technology.


Diode laser


Fields of application

Fat reduction

double chin, stomach, upper arms, hips, back, thighs


Fast treatment time

25 minutes per area

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