Experience the TempSure Technology of Cynosure.

TempSure is a non-invasive 300 W radiofrequency platform, developed to transport heat into the skin, to stimulate the collagen production. This TempSure technique tightens the skin and strengthens the contour of the applied area.

TempSure is also suitable for tightening problem areas of the body such as the Abdomen after pregnancy or for reducing cellulite.

The monopolar radiofrequency enters several centimeters into the tissue and reaches fibroblasts located in the deepest skin layers. The increased temperature narrows fibers (“coagulation of soft tissue”) and stimulates the rebuilding of collagen by activating the fibroblasts, which leads to a tightening of the connective tissue, in long term.

Best of all, your treatment time will start once your tissue has reached the target temperature. In addition, precise temperature control prevents your skin from overheating, so that the treatment feels pleasant and your skin appears fresher, more radiant and fine-pored immediately after the treatment – ready for beauty?

* The individual consultation and assessment is carried out by your treating doctor


Logic control



Relax fx

Spa Tones

TempSure uses radiofrequency extremely precise with the therapeutic logic control (TLC). TempSure is usable for all skin types, and the Relax FX Sound lets you ease while listening to soothing music. 99% of TempSure customers agreed on the treatment to be relaxing and enjoyable.1

1 Internal study

  • Wrinkels
  • Enlarged pores
  • Non invasive lifting
  • Eyebrow-Lift
  • Skin tightening for example on stomach, upper arms, tights, and more
  • Temporarily reduction of Cellulite
  • Jawline-Contouring

  • Safe: the special time and temperature monitoring system activates only once the target tissue reached its temperature. Continuous therapy results are guaranteed.
  • Relaxing: non-invasive, relaxing and time-saving treatment
  • Effective: immediate visible results with long-lasting effects after a few months.
  • Secure: no absences
  • Natural: stimulating the collagen production
  • Convenient: applicable all year around

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