Discover StimSure for the ultimate muscle toning.

StimSure is the newest non invasive technology for muscle toning. Boost your body with the help of the magnetic power up till 1 Tesla. Discover the new dimension of exercise and training!

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Muscle contractions
per session




Magnetic field

How does StimSure work?

The StimSure paddles trigger with the help of electromagnetic procedures and cause muscle contractions, similar to the moment during a workout or training. The simulation, called „maximal titanic contraction“, tensions the muscles. The electric impulse causes action within the motoneuron within the body. This consistent muscle contraction helps to increase effective muscle growth. During the 20 til 30-minute procedure, 24.000 muscle contractions take place.


  • Practical: Short treatment time.
    You need only 20-30 minutes per session.
  • Convincing: You will see the first results shortly after the first session. Best long-lasting results will show between 6 to 8 sessions, depending on the area of the body.
  • Comfortable: A StimSure treatment feels pleasant and is painless. The treatment is suitable for almost everyone. However, pregnant women and people with metal implants are excluded.
  • Individual: StimSure is available with
    60 programmes are equipped to enable you to follow your own individual treatment plan.

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