Discover PicoSure for esthetic skin treatments

PicoSure is the only existing picosecond laser (755 nm/532 nm/1064 nm-Laser) developed for esthetic skin treatments and the removal of tattoos of any colors. The special PicoGlow treatment was designed to reduce the imbalance of pigments, uneven skin texture, and wrinkles and is there for the glow booster for your skin.

PicoSure is worldwide the only picosecond laser platform, acknowledged for its clinical versatility, technical guidance, and performance. PicoSure application allows treatments that were so far impossible for any laser technique.




Pulse power

10 Hz

Max. repetition rate

How does PicoSure work?

The ultra-short pulse widths of PicoSure achieve an intensive photomechanical effect, which surpasses the former photothermal results of the nanosecond laser technology.

The photomechanical effect is caused by the patented PressureWave™-Technology, due to the heavy decomposition of the cell structure. During the tattoo removal process, are the color pigments burst into very small particles in which the body can easier dismantle.

Trough the small fluence of the PressureWave™-Technology, no surrounded tissue is going to be damaged. Even darker ink or complicated tattoos are thanks to PicoSure removable.

* The individual consultation and assessment is carried out by your treating doctor

– Removal of all tattoos

– Pigmented lesions
(pigment disorder, sun damage/freckles and dark spots)

– Acne scars

– Wrinkles/crinkles

– Skin rejuvenation

Safe: Reduced risk of complications, fewer side effects

Practical: Without typical downtime

Individual: Tattoo removal for all colours

Tattoo Removal for all colors

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