Everything around the removal of tattoos and permanent makeup

The picoSure can even remove very difficult colorations and that within just a few sessions.

It is no secret that tattoos play an important role in today’s society and are understood as body art.

Ever 5th German has a tattoo, (According to a survey of the Ipsos institute of 2019)

If this is the case then, of course, some tattoos might end up as a regretful experiment, and the mistakenly wrong tattooed name or the unprofessional permanent make-up needs to be made undone. That’s how the requests for tattoo removal treatments increased.

Former skin-damaging treatments such as skin bleaching, abrasion, or even cutting are long in the past. Nowadays, the wishes and requests are based on efficacious but safe treatments that are found in modern laser technology.

If you seek only the best when it comes to your body, then you automatically will choose the new technology in tattoo removal treatments as well. You will select the PicoSure. The PicoSure is the world’s first safe and powerful Picosecond laser made medical esthetic treatments.Tattoos can be removed faster and precise and less painful then it was ever possible before.


Picosecond laser


Fields of application

Permament Make Up removal

Tattoo removal.



for any tattoo colour.

Find your nearest PicoSure-DOC here!

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