Permanet hair reduction

Say BYE BYE to irritations, ingrown hair and pimples and say HELLO
too smooth skin without skin damage, pigmentation disorders or even scarring.

Soft and smooth looking skin is a beautiful feminine look and almost mandatory for every woman.If you are also tired of waxing, shaving, or sugaring than its time for you to experience the newest laser technology for hair removal.

Thanks to our one of a kind Skintel – Melanin measuring device, we can guarantee a safe and efficient hair removal treatment. No matter what skin color or skin type you are.

The Elite IQ laser sends punctual light impulses to each hair, to damage the root structure and cause to stop the hair from growing. The laser technology works very precisely, is selective, and heats up without the risk of damage to the surrounded skin area.

You will notice that after just a few sessions, your hair is growing slower, gets thinner, and appears less dominant.  


Alexandrit- and Nd:YAG-Laser


Fields of application

Permanent hair removal

stomach, hips, back, inner and outer thighs, armpits


short treatment period

For all skin types

Find your nearest Elite iQ-DOC here!

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