Experience the power of Elite IQ for permanent hair removal

May we introduce to you your newest member of the CynoSure family. Elite IQ is the first Alexandrit-Nd:YAG Laser developed to remove excess hair on all skin tones (1-6). With the Skintel® Melanin Reader™ all skin pigments are being analyzed in real-time, and the laser set up is adapted correctly to your own needs.


Melanin Reader

up to

10 Hz

Repetition rate





  • Permament hair reduction in face and body
  • Treatments of vessels in face or body, for example, spider veins
  • Non-ablative skin tightening and tightening of fine lines
  • Reduction of over-pigmentation and vessels


  • Effective: permanent hair reduction within a few sessions
  • Safe: Skintel® – the smart system that measures your melanin index in real time and thus enables a safe treatment, no matter what skin type you have.
  • Fast: only 10-40 min per session, depending on the area

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